Statement: death in Colnbrook and protests at Yarl’s Wood

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CW: suicide, death.

We have received reports of death by suicide within Colnbrook detention centre this week. Those inside have told us that “things are at breaking point”. This terrible news is the direct result of  appalling state-sponsored violence, abuse and retraumatisation by all those involved in the cruel detention of people in these inhumane centres. We grieve the loss of these friends.  We stand with those still suffering in detention and enduring these murderous conditions. We keep the loved ones of those lost in our thoughts and hearts.   

We have also heard reports of ongoing protests within Yarl’s Wood detention centre this week. Those detained in Yarl’s Wood have said that access to healthcare, clothing and food has been heavily restricted. People are also being confined to their rooms for long hours, isolated and unable to exercise.

To those in Yarl’s Wood protesting: we stand with you. No one should be detained – and certainly not under these horrific conditions.

We have reached out to the detention centres for more information and to offer support to those affected but a response has not been forthcoming.

We demand that the Home Office release information about the situation.

And we demand the immediate release of all those being detained to places of safety, community and care. 

Home Secretary Suella Braverman and Phil Bentley (CEO of Mitie, the corporation that runs Colnbrook) and every other stakeholder in this profiteering murder regime – you are responsible for the death of our friend. We will ensure you answer for their death.

We refuse to let our friends suffer and die in silence, and we demand justice. We will never forget them. And in remembering them, we will not stop until we have dismantled every last piece of your violent border regime. 

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